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Conceived for discussions. This is the essence. No other communication means involved, just text messaging which is discrete

Enjoying the combined advantages of a forum and a chat, the users may respond at their convenience depending on the urgency of the matter. Hence what you obtain is a comfortable working environment and storage of all information with great search experience.

Negotiations on Remote.Team are as relaxed as chatting with a friend while sipping a beer.

The intensity of negotiations, their pace, extent of confidentiality, and accessibility to other team members are determined by the discussion participants.

A Fully-Fledged Remote Team Management Tool

The tasks created in a quick and informal way as requests to a colleague or supervisor will be never missed and will automatically yet gently remind the team members involved that they are pending completion.

Just create a topic, quite all the rest is done by the system.

Pasting the screenshots from clipboard is a useful option if you're discussing graphic designs. Polls and voting will help you learn the opinion of the majority.

Reporting, gathering statistics, and monitoring team performance are displayed as graphs and summaries.

Guest access may be granted to freelancers and outsourcers for casual jobs.

Training on the Remote.Team implementation for a normal company and live chat

Once the registration is complete, you will be guided through the test project on the Remote.Team implementation for a normal company. Two simulacra, Lorenzo and Oleg, will explain in a quick and easy-to-understand way the technical background of the portal. All the test discussions are interactive. You will be among their participants by default. Try to choose any option you want, answer the questions and post your comments to the simulacra. Sometimes, they may even keep the conversation.

There is a live chat developed by Remote.Team, where you can not only pose a question to our specialists but also chat with them as if it were an ordinary topic or project discussed on the portal.

Turn visitors into clients with live support!

The Remote.Team chat is a plugin dedicated to the marketing, sales, and customer support teams, which enhances their client communication experience.

All client cases are directed to the Remote.Team ecosystem for processing.

Remote.Team — over 5 years of continuous improvement
Several geographically dispersed teams have been created and keep growing on its basis. The biggest business fully operated and managed using our tool is Tile.Expert, the worlds leading online store of Italian tiles.

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